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    Kicking Off My 2020 Re-Election Campaign!

    I know what you're thinking: "Mary is running for County Commissioner again already??" Yes, I am!

    Thanks to the overwhelming support of the community, I was appointed County Commissioner in 2017 to take Shelly O'Quinn's seat on the Commission. I then had to run in 2018 to retain my seat and thanks to the citizens of Spokane County, I won with over 60% of the vote! However, winning in 2018 just meant finishing Shelly's original term from when she was elected in 2016, and sadly did not give me a new four-year term. So, I am officially announcing that I am running in 2020 for re-election as County Commissioner. 

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  • Swearing in Ceremony

    Thank you everyone for all your support that made this happen! And a special thank you to Spokane County Clerk Tim Fitzgerald for swearing me in!

    This has been a great adventure for the last year and a half working through the appointment process and running to retain my position. I am honored to have the support of Spokane County citizens and will continue to work hard on your behalf!

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  • High School sponsored debate win!

    BREAKING NEWS! Take a look at the November issue of the Current and see how East Valley and University High School students voted after a candidate forum of County Commissioners. The story is on page 18.
    Ok, I’ll tell you — I won! 51 to 5! You read that right. After debating very thoughtful questions on homelessness, opioid addiction, mental health, and racism with my opponent, the attendees of the debate voted 51 - 5 in my favor!
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  • Endorsed by the Spokesman-Review!

    I am honored that the Spokesman-Review has endorsed me for County Commissioner! 


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  • Spokane Talks Interview - Get to know me!

    Spokane Talks does short interviews with all the candidates. You can find my interview here.  I hope you will listen and learn more about my background and why I'm running!


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