Endorsed by the Spokesman-Review!

I am honored that the Spokesman-Review has endorsed me for County Commissioner! 


District 2: Mary Kuney

This is a reprise of the 2014 race for county treasurer, which incumbent Republican Rob Chase won over Republican Mary Kuney. Then last year when Shelly O’Quinn resigned, Gov. Jay Inslee appointed Kuney to that commissioner vacancy. The current election is to fill the final two years of O’Quinn’s term.

Chase pledged to serve only two terms as treasurer and now is challenging Kuney. Both are solid candidates, and we believe either would do a good job.

Chase describes himself as a “paleo-conservative” harkening back to the likes of Robert Taft and H.L. Mencken. He was Eastern Washington coordinator for the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns of Ron Paul.

Kuney has strong Republican support but also endorsements from some Democrats and Democratic-leaning groups, such as labor unions. That speaks to her reputation for working well with a variety of people. So too does the fact that she is endorsed by several elected county officials who have worked with both Chase and her.

Her extensive experience as a state and county auditor is evident. She asks good questions, including her leadership on how the county jail can improve safety and stem the high number of inmate suicides. She also has a background in private business and volunteer leadership.

Kuney’s No. 1 priority is public safety, as it should be. Other key priorities are economic development and improved customer service. Chase lists his priorities as making sure county spending adds value before selling higher taxes; promoting transparency in county government to build public confidence; and engaging the public.

Chase has solid accomplishments as a treasurer, including working with legislators to change state law and allow partial payments on property tax bills. His financial knowledge of the county could be an asset as commissioner; however, Kuney appears to have an overall broader understanding of county issues, after being in the job for a year already.

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