High School sponsored debate win!

BREAKING NEWS! Take a look at the November issue of the Current and see how East Valley and University High School students voted after a candidate forum of County Commissioners. The story is on page 18.
Ok, I’ll tell you — I won! 51 to 5! You read that right. After debating very thoughtful questions on homelessness, opioid addiction, mental health, and racism with my opponent, the attendees of the debate voted 51 - 5 in my favor!
One student said the candidate forum helped him decide to vote for me. “On paper, Rob Chase looked really good and Kuney looked good too,” he said. “It didn’t feel like Rob Chase was answering the questions entirely. I thought Kuney did a great job.”
There’s also an article about the Commission campaign on page 4. Now, please join those civically minded students and cast your vote. No postage is required this year, so be a voter.