Testimonials from the appointment

"With the challenges and opportunities facing Spokane County now and in the future, I'm extremely passionate about finding the most qualified person to replace me on the Board of County Commissioners. I believe Mary Kuney is that person. I have had the opportunity to work closely with Mary over the past 2 years in her role as Chief Deputy Auditor. She understands the diverse constitutional requirements that county government must fill; her deep roots in business give her a unique perspective on how to support businesses in our community; and she has a deep compassion for people and doing the right thing. I wholeheartedly support Mary for my position knowing she will be an independent, critical thinker on the issues important to this region.”

Shelly O’Quinn, former Spokane County Commissioner

"Mary Kuney is smart, independent, and driven to protect taxpayer's interests, not special interests.  As a CPA and business woman, Mary Kuney is clearly the best candidate to set priorities, eliminate unnecessary spending and watch over every precious tax dollar, while keeping our community and families safe.  We need a leader like Mary who thinks on her own and is beholden to no one except the citizens."

Kate McCaslin, Former Spokane County Commissioner

 “Mary Kuney’s commitment to public safety is unquestionable. She is dedicated to finding ways to ensure the Sheriff’s Office has the resources we need to keep you safe.” 

Ozzie Knezovich, Spokane County Sheriff

“I am supporting Mary Kuney for the Spokane County Commissioner appointment. Over the last two years I have seen the consistent leadership, values, and integrity she has brought to the position of Chief Deputy Auditor. The County needs a leader who has the knowledge of budgets and finance. Spokane County cannot afford anyone who doesn’t have a financial background, as most of the decisions pertain to finance. Mary will bring common sense and financial knowledge to position of County Commissioner. The taxpayers of Spokane County can trust and count on Mary to manage their money wisely.”

Vicki Horton, Spokane County Assessor

“I am endorsing Mary Kuney for Spokane County Commissioner because we need elected officials with her leadership, experience, and financial acumen.  I have worked with Mary in her position as Chief Deputy Auditor and her skills and experience have fostered positive changes at the County.  She has been an advocate for process improvement and data driven decisions.  Mary is the Commissioner taxpayers and the voters of the County need to face the financial challenges ahead.” 

Bob Wrigley, retired Spokane County Chief Budget Officer

“I support Mary Kuney for County Commissioner 100% and here’s why! As a CPA, with experience working within our government system, we need her unique financial expertise to help guide Spokane County through its on-going fiscal problems. NO OTHER candidate has the insights and problem solving ability she has in this area! Mary is a soft spoken, yet strong woman who is beholden to no faction within our party, which I find very refreshing! We need Mary’s strong, common sense approach to not only fiscal issues, but property and water rights and other issues as well! Mary will provide a much-needed strength and balance to our Commission. Please strongly consider if God is not wanting to raise up Mary…”for such a time as this”!”

Nancy McLaughlin, Former Spokane City Council and County Commissioner 

"Mary Kuney gets an A+ across the board on the issues that matter most to us - economic development and infrastructure investments, pro-growth policies, and fiscally sound budgets. This is why we support Mary's candidacy for Spokane County Commissioner. Her experience as a State Auditor and her collaborative approach to policy-making are made all the more compelling right now as fiscal leadership becomes a very high priority. It’s no secret that the County is struggling to balance its budget without raising taxes, which is why Spokane County citizens deserve to have Mary's unique set of budgetary and financial skills put to work right away.”

Board of Directors, Better Spokane

“Mary Kuney would be a superb appointment to the Spokane County Commissioners.  She has extensive experience with budgeting, employee relations, strategic planning, policy making and community involvement.  She is an innovative, creative thinker and an exceptional listener. I have had the privilege of serving with Mary on several local boards and value her wisdom, integrity and work ethic.” 

Carol Wendle, Business Owner and Community Volunteer

“I support Mary Kuney in her bid to fill the vacant county commission seat.  Mary was an early, strong and consistent supporter of my campaign for governor.  Importantly, she didn’t just support me, but for many years Mary has helped Republican candidates and the Spokane Republican Party.  I endorse her candidacy for this commission position, recommend her appointment, and look forward to helping her campaign in 2018.”

Bill Bryant, former candidate for Governor of Washington

“As an advocate for local business and the wife of a police officer, I see first-hand how the decisions made by our local government can affect our lives on a daily basis. That is why I am strongly supporting Mary Kuney for County Commissioner.  Mary understands the challenges faced by our community and will stand up as a strong advocate for law enforcement and our local businesses.  Mary’s willingness to listen, to ask the right questions and to do what’s right for taxpayers makes her the best choice for Spokane County Commissioner.”

Cheryl Stewart, Executive Director, Inland Northwest Associated General Contractors

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